• Smart Crew Management

    Crew-nator handles crew personal data, contacts, Refrees, certficates upload & expiry tracking, payment details, pension, tax, PPE details, etc. We've got you covered here...
    - Seafarer's Records Management
    - Vessel Registry Management
    - Multiple Client/Contract Records Management
    - Crewing Operations
    - Crewing History & Updates
    - Crew change Planning/Scheduling
    - Crew Certificate Management & Expiry Tracker

  • Automated Payroll & Invoicing

    Payroll and Invoice sheets are generated in real-time with operations. At anytime of the month you're ready! Flexible payment scheme and categories (TimeON only, TimeON/TimeOFF, by Rank, by different Company rates, by Duration of Service, etc).

    Invoices to Clients, Payment Schedules for Bank, Pension, Tax returns, etc are all AUTOMATIC - No Manual Entries.

  • Certificate Mangement

    Your crew-nator grows with the dynamic standards and demands on crew certificates in the marine industry.
    - Upload, View, Update and mail certificates on one screen.
    - Monitor expiry using our built-in Certificate Expiry Tracker.
    - Track expiry by Date, Company, Certificate type, etc.
    - Manually/Automatically Send SMS/Email reminder Alerts to Crew.
    - Generate expiry reports and plan renewal for up to 120days.


  • Any Platform/Anywhere

    Desktop: Windows, Linux, Mac OS


    Mobile: Windows Phone, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.


    Windows Phone iPhone Blackberry Android
    Internet Access
  • Customization

    We developed the solution for you and we know your operations/workflow might differ, so we have prepared and we are ready to automate your unique operation procedures.


    You cant ask for a better support: We provide real-time, on-site or remote support using Phone, SMS, Email, Chats, etc.

    Support & Customize
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    Crew Management

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    Payroll & Invoicing

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    Certificate Management

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    Anywhere & Any Platform

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    Cutomize to fit your need

All-in-One Software Modules


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    Crew Registry

    Seafarer's records management module.

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    Vessel Registry

    Manage unique vessel records for crewing.

  • icon

    Clients Registry

    Setup clients to crew for multiple companies/vessel owners.


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    Crewing Operations

    Manage crewing records, logistics & crew change scheduling

  • icon


    Crew wages/salary, Crew wage invoice, Vessel invoicing, Service charge invoices,etc

  • icon

    Financial Management

    Office Accounts,Pay Schedules, Pay Categories, etc


  • icon

    Document Management

    Track expiry & manage electronic documents,licenses, permits,etc

  • icon


    Send single SMS, Bulk-SMS, Intranet/Internet Mails to all contacts.

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    Generate Custom Reports for Crew Records, Crew change Scheduling, payroll/invoices, etc

icon Software experience at a glance

Benefits of CREW-NATOR

Well-built Office management software that serves to ease staff/admin office activities.

Helps to organize data processing and improves availability of information when needed.

Use SMS, Emails and Portal access to constantly keep seafarers informed and maintain regular updates.

Secured System from improved data encryption (md5/sha1), intrusion detection, access authentication, database security, etc

On our OlotuOffice Crew-nator, each staff has access to use a high bandwidth efficient unique email @crew-nator.olotuoffice.com with IMAP/POP SSL security – ensuring communication effectiveness whenever needed.

Expand business and be known nationally and world wide by taking advantage of our one-page SEO friendly clients directory.

Your website will be submitted to 2000 search engines online FREE or charge. Seafarers wouldn't really have to find you.

Technical Support 24/7, Remote support by Phone, Chat, Email, etc.