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What can CREW-NATOR do for me?

  • Crew Management

    - Seafarer's Records Management
    - Vessel Registry Management
    - Multiple Client/Contract Records Management
    Crewing Operations
    - Crew List Management
    - Crewing Logs & Updates
    - Crew change Planning/Scheduling
    - Crew Certificate Management & Expiry Tracker


    - Office Accounts Transactions
    - Crew wages/Payroll
    - Crew wage Invoicing to clients
    - Vessel Crewage/Invoice Summary
    - Crewing Service Charge Invoice
    - Automatic Payslip generation
    - Payment Categories by Rank,Vessel,Duration Of Service, Client,etc
    - Payment Schedules for Bank, Unions, Tax, Pension, etc.

    Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

    - Upload and Manage any Soft-copy document
    - Document Archive Manager
    - Document Folder Groupings
    - Document Expiry Tracker (For Coporate Licenses, Permits, Certificates, etc.)

    SMS/Email Integration

    - Single SMS
    - Bulk SMS
    - Manual/Automatic SMS alerts on Document Expiry
    - Crew Recruitment Alerts
    - Intranet Mails - Send/Recieve within OlotuOffice
    - Mails to Crew & Clients
    - Mail Crew wages,Payroll,Invoices
    - Manually/Automatically Mail Payslip Monthly
    - Mail Payment Schedules/Reports

    Crew Portal Access (Self-Service)

    - Check registered data and update Profile
    - Update contacts
    - Submit complaints/reports
    - Print Payslip
    - Check & Print Crewing History
    - Upload & Update Expired Certificates, etc.

    Recruitment System

    - Plugin to your existing website or as a stand-alone recruitment tool
    - Capture all seafarer's records, documents/certificates, crewing history, etc
    - Advertise Vacancies
    - Search candidates by Rank, Experience, Location, Local/Foreign Certificates, etc
    - Query available seafarers during crewing change scheduling
    - Send SMS/Email alerts/notifications
    - Mail complete profile of candidates to staff, clients & other contacts in one click
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    Multi-device Support

    OlotuOffice support multi-device access, With mobile flexibility: manage, customize, update, send etc.
    Work with OlotuOffice anywhere you find yourself relaxing.

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